Launch Date: March 2023

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“Break Out of Boredom:

Low-Tech Solutions for

Highly Engaging Zoom Events” 

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  • an advance PDF copy of the book,
  • a reminder to download the 99-cent Kindle book when it's available on Amazon,
  • access to all the book's resources (starting with the PDF & VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS: One Monitor? Share full-screen PowerPoint while viewing your notes, chat, participant list, and 24 participant videos. (Yes, it's possible!) which you'll receive as soon as you sign up - check your inbox for an email from me),
  • an invitation to attend my "Low-Tech Solutions for Highly Engaging Zoom Events" training (plus 10 pro bono trainings available for organizations connected to the launch team),
  • an invitation to attend the book launch debrief meeting (what we did, what worked, and what we would do differently),
  • and my deepest gratitude for your continued support!

*What do launch team members do? My goal is 100+ "verified purchase reviews" on Amazon. To achieve that, launch team members receive an "advance reader copy" PDF of the book, so they are prepared to purchase the Kindle version (you don't need a Kindle to do this) on one of the days it is 99 cents and leave a review. There are lots of other ways to support this book launch being successful, but that alone would be tremendously helpful. Thank you for signing up! I can't wait to hear the action you take because of this book.