Without bringing everyone together in one place, how do you meet your goals around… Member Engagement? Employee Engagement? Alumni Engagement? Donor Engagement?

With everyone feeling the effects of Zoom fatigue, how do you create an online experience that people leave feeling revived and excited?

You hire a professional emcee to host your virtual event!

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“I didn’t know an online event could be so much fun! Robbie did a phenomenal job in keeping it fresh and interesting the whole time! He kept things flowing and on track seamlessly, creating opportunities through breakout rooms to network and engage with other professionals was simply amazing. The conversations, the music, and the atmosphere was just incredible and very memorable. Thank you Robbie!”

Sharon Brake

Before designing the run of show (aka agenda) for your event, Robbie will meet with you to better understand the goals of the event. Then, using purpose-first design, he will strategize with you to create an experience that will meet your goals and exceed your participants’ expectations.

Whether your event is 60-75 minutes or much longer – he will keep the energy up and everyone smiling through a mix of music, Dad jokes, and thoughtfully-designed breakout rooms.

Breakout rooms are where the magic really happens, but not if you just throw random people into a room for an undetermined amount of time with no clear directions. That’s not very helpful.

Robbie has developed best practices around:


how to frame the breakout session question – to prevent the first person from getting a “hot seat” or therapy session – which decreases the likelihood that everyone else gets to share


how to set up the question/prompt instructions – so it's more likely to be discussed in the breakout session


how to help participants quickly determine who goes first in the breakout sessions and who goes next – to get the conversation started quickly and keep it going


debrief plan options that involve every participant with highlights from just a few – so the debrief is contained to 5 minutes or less


how to arrange debrief so the best answers/stories are shared with the full group – with a focus on hearing from diverse voices


the amount of time minimum to have per person dependent on the objective of the breakout session

“A huge thank you to Robbie Samuels for shining and doing what he does best, being such an amazing Connector. I was privileged to be on a Zoom event hosted by Robbie. I entered my first breakout room and got to network in a small group and then rejoin the main event and report back. The ability to connect was so powerful. Experiencing positive tech is magical.”

Serena Ryan

Stop stressing about your event and start dreaming about all the fun your participants will have.