Is writing a book one of your business goals?

Robbie Samuels, award-winning author of three books that have each received over 200 reviews, built the Biz Book Publishing Hub to assist entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of writing, editing, and publishing their books. Select one of the tabs on the left side of the page to find Hub Partners who can provide the guidance and support you need to become a successful author.

There is no cost to access the Hub. Robbie helps entrepreneurs LAUNCH their books with a plan that builds a pipeline for new revenue based on prospects from their own network and results in 50+ Amazon reviews. His ideal client has a manuscript that is ready to send to the editor. The Biz Book Publishing Hub provides resources to help them reach that milestone. If you're ready to chat about your business book launch, you're invited to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Zoom with Robbie.

If you have any questions about the resources listed in this Hub, please email Robbie.

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Writing Services

Complimentary 15-30 Minute Strategy Session

One or Two-Hour Strategy Session

Weekly Group Coaching

Group Sessions with Writing Prompts

Office Hours

One-on-One Coaching (more than a single session)

Group Writing Sessions with “Hot Seat” Coaching

Accountability Partners

Virtual Writing Retreat

In-Person Writing Retreat

Writing “Challenge” (e.g., Five-Day Challenge)

Asynchronous Content (e.g., online course)

Author Mastermind

Publishing Services

Publish on Amazon

Keyword Strategy

Amazon/KDP  Ebook and Print Category Selection Strategy

Book Description Writing

Book Description Editing

Author Bio Writing

Author Bio Editing

Setting up Amazon Author Central Page

Copyright Registration

Library of Congress Registration

Setting up ISBN

Provide Imprint (Publisher Name)

Strategies for Selecting Imprint (Publisher Name)

Pricing Strategy

Publish on Ingramspark

Audiobook Production – Author Reads

Audiobook Production – with Paid Narrator

Audiobook Narrator

Hybrid Publishing

Book Launch Services

Strategies to Build a 100+ Person Launch Team

Strategies to Get 50+ Amazon Reviews

Design Virtual Book Launch Party

Emcee Virtual Book Launch Party

Design In-Person Book Launch Party

Moderate Chat During Virtual Program

Book Marketing Services

Author Platform-Building Strategies

Email List-Building Strategies

Social Media – Writing Posts

Social Media – Publishing Posts

Promote the Book to Our List

Teach Amazon Ads Strategy

Manage Amazon Ads

Add Book to Goodreads

Guidance Around Book Festivals

Done-For-You Book Festival Submissions

Guidance Around Book Awards

Done-For-You Book Awards Submissions

Guidance Around Getting Into Bookstores

Done-For-You Book Store Placement Campaign

Guidance Around Getting Into Libraries

Done-For-You Library Placement Campaign

Podcast Guest Placement


Book Promo Websites (e.g., BuckBooks, BookBub)

Business Book Coaching

Coaching to Identify the Ideal Reader/Prospect

Coaching to Leverage the Book to Sell a Separate Product/Service

Coaching to Discover Likely Prospects and Referral Partners from Within the Author's Existing Network