Today’s guest is a personal branding and success coach and the co-author of “Mastering the Art of Success” (available summer 2017).  She is also an award winning marketing professional who has spent the last two decades working with nonprofits and IT companies. In the late 1990s, she began offering personal branding and success strategy consultations through Your Marketing Ace and Your Success Ace, her solopreneur side businesses. Her familiarity with a broad range of workplace environments and positive psychology, enables her to work with a variety of professionals and entrepreneurs. She helps them leverage their personal brand and employ their signature strengths for a career and life full of happiness and prosperity.

Please join me in welcoming Iris Polit.

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In this episode we explore:

  • how leadership can be within a peer space and how peer success supports the team
  • how she embraces positivity and abundance, which is a core part of her approach to coaching
  • how hiring a coach can help you get unstuck and move forward in your career
  • morning routines that can help even night owls set up their day for success
  • the Ace Success Formula that she uses to help her clients achieve their goals

The Ace Success Formula: 3C– C = C
(Clarity + Certainty + Commencement) – Control = Creation

Learn more by downloading a PDF that goes into more detail.

Download “Ace Success Formula”

Stay tuned until the end of the episode to hear what I thought were the key take-aways you could put into practice this week and benefit from for years to come.


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