Today’s guest has launched a children’s brand that inspires young minds.

She has over twenty-five years in marketing and branding, including FM/AM radio broadcasting, and as the host of The Business Experience Show. She is a speaker, songwriter, and award-winning author of the book series, Unicorn Jazz™ – she’s written a total of 17 books.

After interviewing 13 notable entrepreneurs on what makes for a meaningful, happy, and prosperous life she was inspired to launch her own multi-media brand, starting with a book about a shy unicorn. The book series offers social-emotional learning components (empathy, kindness, love, belonging, believing in others, feelings, and more).

When the pandemic began, she knew she had to do something outside the box to continue creating and developing her characters for children.  She launched Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do which is available on Amazon TV/Prime. What’s really neat is kids can send in their own video content, music, and talent to be part of the show!

Her work has been featured in Forbes, ABC, CBS, and USA Today.

Please join me in welcoming Lisa Caprelli.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • her thoughts on leadership: “Leadership is helping others to create and do more with their innate ability.”
  • her curiosity about how to best help young kids start developing strong ideals for happiness and not just lucrative careers.
  • the impact her grandmother and her 1st-grade teacher had on her at a young age.
  • the origin story of why she created Unicorn Jazz.
  • how she mastered the art of writing.
  • her thoughts on why it’s so important to compliment others and help them develop.
  • how she navigated the world being really, really shy.
  • how the recession in 2009 led her to start her first marketing business.
  • her decision to create a children’s brand and how easy it was to make that choice.
  • her thoughts about “million-dollar ideas”.
  • how she nurtured her network and was able to build from the people she already had connections with.


Find all of Lisa’s books on Amazon:

  • “Ocean Animals: Unicorn Jazz Unicorn Book Series” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Unicornio Jazz: Spanish Version (Spanish Edition)” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom for Young Entrepreneur Minds and Kidpreneurs” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Abejita Feliz Con Unicornio Jazz y Amigos: En Espanol (Spanish Edition)” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Writing Your Story & Turning it Into a Published Book: A guidebook with processes to help you start and finish your book to get published on Amazon!” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Unicorn Jazz: Children's Unicorn Book Series” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Beeing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends: Children's Unicorn Book Series” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “UNICORN JAZZ The Thing I Do : Children's Unicorn Book Series” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Color Your Message: The Art of Digital Marketing and Social Media” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Unicorn Jazz Eye See You Choosing Kindness: Children's Unicorn Book Series” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Journal to Accompany Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom for Young Entrepreneur Minds” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Unicorn Jazz Coloring Book” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Unicorn Jazz: Book With Included Curriculum Guide for Teachers and Parents (Unicorn Jazz Activity Books)” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Unicorn Jazz Coloring Book: Based on the book Bee-ing Happy With Unicorn Jazz and Friends” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Handwriting Practice Paper: Blank Writing Sheets for Unicorn Jazz Kids Featuring Woof the Crow” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Handwriting Practice Paper: Blank Writing Sheets K-3 Students for Unicorn Jazz Kids: For Unicorn Lovers!” by Lisa Caprelli
  • “Color Your Message: The Art of Digital Marketing & Social Media by Lisa Caprelli” by Lisa Caprelli

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