Events = Content and Connections. Virtual Events Are Not An Exception.

Back in the spring of 2020, when we were all thrust into a world where Zoom meetings went from occasional to every day, simply remembering to put yourself on mute or having breakout rooms enabled (if you even knew what a breakout room was) went a long way.

We’re deep into 2022, and anything other than mastery of these commonplace elements makes you look like a rookie (and could make your participants feel like they wasted their time).

I’ve created a Zoom Settings Checklist and dozens of tutorial videos to help you become more confident and competent. I won’t stop at the basics. I’ve got what you need to master pre-event setup, managing slides, online facilitation, and designing breakout rooms.

I believe purpose-first design and quality online facilitation lead to intentional engagement and memorable online experiences. But you've got to get these basics down first.

I work with national and statewide organizations to help them strategically bring their events online with less stress and greater participant engagement. I wrote "How to Host a Virtual Happy Hour" for Harvard Business Review, was quoted in "The History of the Webinar and Why the Webinar Should Be History" in Forbes, and I'm recognized as an industry expert in the field of digital event design.



30+ Videos to Share #NoMoreBadZoom
Tips & Best Practices

Online Facilitation Videos PDF
  • Zoom Starter Kit watch these 7 videos to master the basics
  • Before the Event Begins watch these 6 videos to improve the participant experience
  • Presenting with Slides? watch these 4 videos for a better presentation experience
  • Online Facilitation watch these 7 videos to learn best practices
  • Engaging Breakout Rooms watch these 8 videos for breakout room best practices