Live with Robbie – Confirmation

Thank you for choosing a time for our live conversation. You are welcome to save this page for your records. I welcome any additional questions you may have. Email me at

You may download the Conversation Release for your records.

I am looking forward to our conversation!

As a reminder, the interview will air LIVE on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.


The live session will be about 30 minutes, but the appointment time is for 45 minutes to allow for a buffer before we begin and after the broadcast ends. Please log in to StreamYard a few minutes before the broadcast to set up your audio and video options.

The live conversation goes quickly, and it will be fun!

When we sign off the livestream, stay online, and we can chat for a few minutes.


My goal in hosting these live conversations is to illustrate how to weave purpose-first design and intentional engagement into virtual presentations and workshops. If you have a specific event in mind, I'll reference the answers you provided in the Google form. You'll walk away with a much clearer idea of how to design a virtual session that meets your desired outcomes and the needs of your participants.

Some of these conversations will be with fellow experts. In that case, I'll facilitate a conversation around this topic.

I may include pieces of or the entire live conversation in my upcoming book on this topic or in the bonus content.


I recommend a well-lit room (lighting source – camera – you) and make sure there's not a lot of background noise.

You don't need any fancy technology, but if you're curious – here's what StreamYard (my streaming service) recommends:

– A laptop or desktop.
– A recent version of Chrome or Firefox.
– A mic and webcam.
– A good internet connection [hardwired is best].

If you have any questions or concerns about your setup, let me know.

The experience is best on a laptop/desktop; However, If you don't have a laptop or desktop, you can join on your phone. On Android, StreamYard recommends the Chrome browser. On iOS, you must use Safari.

You can find more detailed instructions from StreamYard HERE.