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Robbie has been featured on NPR

Robbie has been featured in several books

The Connector's Advantage by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Stand Out by Dorie Clark
Work from the Inside Out

Just Ask
Some Men by Tal Peretz

Zero to 100 by Joseph Luckett

This Shit Works: A No-Nonsense Guide to Networking Your Way to More Friends, More Adventures, and More Success Works by Julie Brown

Retirement: Dream Big, Take Action, Make Money by Connie Inukai

He is a Harvard Business Review contributor

HBR Returning to Work

HBR article I wrote on Small Talk

Why Business School is a Great Time to Network

He has been quoted in major news outlets

“The History Of The Webinar And Why The Webinar Should Be History” by William Aruda. [Forbes, 12/29/20]

“11 Creative Ways To Successfully Promote Your Podcast” by Larell Scardelli [Sounder, 3/5/20]

“Here's How 12 Audio Creators Fit Podcasting Into Their Busy Schedule AND Keep It Fun” by Larell Scardelli [Sounder, 2/10/20]

“Want To Become A Successful Networking? Learn To Create Value In Unexpected Ways.” by Andy Molinsky [Forbes, 11/20/19]

“Unusual Marketing Strategies for Small Business” by Carol Roth [Business Unplugged™, 3/13/18]

“How Inclusive Are Your Meetings?” by Sarah Beauchamp, Professional Convention Management Association's Convene magazine cover story [PCMA Convene 10/2/17]

Toni Morrison on Creating the Connections We Long For, by IIan Mochari [Inc. 3/10/16]

Leap Year: 29 Ways to Seize the 29th Day by Ilan Mochari [Inc., 2/26/16]

What Questions to Avoid at Networking Events by Ilan Mochari [Inc.,1/5/16]

The Best Way to Compliment Someone You've Just Met by Patrick Allan [Life Hacker, 1/11/16] also on Life Hacker's India website.

5 New Habits for Great Networkers by Ilan Mochari [Inc., 5/6/15]

Prepare for Networking Events by Writing Follow-Up Emails Beforehand by Patrick Allan [Life Hacker, 5/6/15] also on Life Hacker's Australian website.

“How to Make Networking Fun” by Dorie Clark [Fast Company, 4/20/15]

“How to Stand Out in the Crowd” by Erica Dhawan [HuffPost 4/20/15] 

“How LGBT Professionals Can Stand Out at Work” by Dorie Clark [HuffPost, 4/19/15]

What to do When Your Colleague Comes Out as Transgender by Dorie Clark [Harvard Business Review,2/5/15]

Managing Your Professional Identity During a Gender Change by Dorie Clark [Harvard Business Review, 2/3/15]


He has been a guest expert on dozens of podcasts.


He has been quoted by numerous bloggers and written for a variety of publications

“4 Key Benefits to Celebrate in Being Out as an LGBTQ+ Professional” by Dorie Clark [LinkedIn, 6/16/21]

“What booksellers can teach freelancers about client development” by Heidi K Weber [Freelancers Union, 6/1/18]

“Meet Robbie Samuels, A Man Making A Difference” by Stand Magazine [Stand Magazine, 5/3/18]

“Getting Past the Fear of Asking” by Robbie Samuels, for May MPI/NE newsletter (New England chapter of Meeting Professionals International) [MPI/NE 5/1/18]

“Raising Children to Appreciate Diverse World Takes Parental Guidance” by Robbie Samuels [City Dads Group, 4/25/18]

“The Power of Events” by Robbie Samuels, for April MPI/NE newsletter (New England chapter of Meeting Professionals International) [MPI/NE 4/1/18]

“18 Strategies for Successful Networking” by Laura Templeton [30 Second Success, 3/13/18]

“Boys Playing with Dolls Helps Prepare Them to be Nurturing Fathers” by Robbie Samuels [City Dads Group, 3/1/18]

“Steps for Strategic Volunteering” by Robbie Samuels, for MPI/NE newsletter (New England chapter of Meeting Professionals International) [MPI/NE 3/1/18]

“Leadership: The Role of Hosts” by Robbie Samuels, for MPI/NE newsletter (New England chapter of Meeting Professionals International) [MPI/NE 2/1/18]

“Diversifying Your Network Can Help You Succeed in 2018” by Susan Peppercorn [LinkedIn, 1/22/18]

“Ten Tips for Convention Hosts” by Robbie Samuels, for MPI/NE newsletter (New England chapter of Meeting Professionals International) [MPI/NE 1/1/18]

“Like Father, Like Son Even When a Donor is Involved” by Robbie Samuels [City Dads Group, 11/15/17]

“Huggies, Boston Dads Group Helping Tackle Diaper Need Issue”  by Robbie Samuels [11/2/17]

“When ENTJ's Go Remote” by Caroline Stokes [Thrive Global, 10/10/17]

How to Take the “ick” Out of Networking interviewed by Bonnie Bryant Creative [8/25/17]

8 Steps for Successful Networking Guest Blog Post – Success Values Blog [8/15/17]

Best Tips on How to Increase Your Podcast Listeners and Subscribers, C-Suite Network  [8/8/17]

“How to Survive a Layoff” by Susan Peppercorn [IdealistCareers, 8/2/17], reposted on Belleville News-Democrat and The Charlotte Observer.

“12 Tips for Connecting at Education Conferences – Infographic” by Eileen Lennon [Tech & Learning, 7/20/17]

“12 Tips for Connecting at Education Conferences” by Lisa Nielsen [Tech & Learning, 7/10/17]

Leadership in Focus: Robbie Samuels interview by YW Boston [4/27/17]

“Huggies, Boston Dads Group Helping Tackle Diaper Need Issue”  by Robbie Samuels [4/3/17]

“The Power of ‘I Don't Know' and More Tips for April” [Invision, 3/27/17]

“How should people go about becoming more visible as recognized experts in their fields?” by Dorie Clark [Quora, 2/16/17]

“The Downside to Being a Unicorn” by Robbie Samuels [AfterSchool Today magazine – Winter 2017]

Transgender Dad Carving Path of Opportunities for Son, Future by Robbie Samuels [City Dads Group, 11/30/16]

“Some Men: Feminist Allies and the Movement to End Violence Against Women” by Michael A. Messner,  Max A. Greenberg, and Tal Peretz [Oxford University Press 2015] Buy the book!

Four Things Worth Talking About in Dorie Clark’s “Stand Out” by Matt Ferraguto [Eckel & Vaughan, 6/24/15]

Dorie Clark by j. jane [j. jane project 5/18/15]

“Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It” by Dorie Clark [Portfolio/Penguin Press 2015] Buy the book! 

Ready To Identify Your Breakthrough Idea That Will Attract Others? by Kare Anderson [Forbes, 4/21/15]

“Men, Feminism, and Accountability” by Michael A. Messner, Max A. Greenberg, and Tal Peretz [Voice Male, 3/3/15]

3 Ways You Can Stand Out As An Expert In Your Field by Dorie Clark [Promote Yourself, Dan Schawbel's Official Newsletter, Millennial Branding, March 2015]

NBN50 Everyone Likes to Be Asked with Dorie Clark by Dave Delaney [New Business Networking, 2/25/15]

How Interns Became our “Auction Committee” by Robbie Samuels [Bidding for Good, 5/30/14]

How to Become Famous in Your Hometown by Dorie Clark [Owners Mag, 3/1/14]

“Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future” by Dorie Clark [Talk at Google, 8/31/13]

News to us: Connecting for Justice by Sarah Cadorette [Dig Boston, 5/14/13] 

Local Heroes: Robbie Samuels [Future Boston Alliance, 5/10/13]

Best Practices for Your Interns, Volunteers and Fundraising Auctions by Mark McCurdy [Bidding for Good, 8/31/12]

6 Steps for the Perfect Pitch by Robbie Samuels [Global Business Hub Boston.com, 8/3/12]

8 Steps for Successful Networking by Robbie Samuels [Global Business Hub Boston.com, 7/12/12]

Robbie’s I Am: Trans People Speak video [MTPC 2/13/12]

Robbie Samuels in Profile – SoJust, NOMAS and Schmoozing! by Srin [Onein3 Boston, 12/21/10]