Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking

To schedule please email with “Training Request” in the subject line.
Since 2009, Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking has helped hundreds of people each year gain the confidence they need to support the organizations and causes they care about. It's more than just a how-to session, attendees are asked to reflect on their own positive experience as donors and compare that with their angst as solicitors. The goal is to reframe asking as an opportunity for deeper engagement and to build confidence. Throughout the session attendees are asked to rate their confidence around fundraising – with a “thumbometer”. By the end all thumbs are “up”!
This session has been well received by development professionals, non-profit board members, and grassroots organizers. Included in the fee, attendees receive a multi-page handout that will make it easy for them to share these tips with their colleagues. I'll also share a PDF of “6 Fundraising Truths” at no extra charge.
Session Description:

This engaging 2-hour coaching session will benefit anyone who wants to become a more effective fundraiser. In a supportive environment, move past personal roadblocks and recognize some common mistakes. Practice specific language for how to make a strong ask, based on the relationship-building tips shared in Art of the Schmooze, and review ten tips that will make your next fundraising plan a success. “If you are afraid to ask for money, kick yourself out of the way and let the cause talk.” 

Optional Interactive One-Hour Exercise:
Work in small groups to begin to build a strong prospect list based on an individual's capacity, connection and commitment.

To schedule please email with “Training Request” in the subject line.