Guest Expert Interviews

It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to share my expertise on the following shows. I enjoy being interviewed and I know my work resonates with a lot of different audiences. Here are my most requested topics:

  • Low-tech solutions for highly engaging Zoom events
    • we need to up-level our Zoom skills by using purpose-first design and quality online facilitation. The bonus resource library from my third book is the perfect gift for your audience.
  • Hate networking? Stop bageling and be a croissant!
    • see my TEDx to learn more about how body language impacts our ability to network at in-person events and read my first book for more strategic, effective, and inclusive networking tips.
  • Better than Best Seller! Turn Reviews into Revenue
    • Find out how I help authors get 50+ Amazon reviews while building a pipeline to sell their next offer. My three books have received over 650 reviews.
  • Build an audience BEFORE trying to sell anything
    • How to discover likely prospects and referral partners who already know, like, and trust you. My second book explains my process.
  • From zero to six-figures in eight months 
    • how I swiftly reinvented myself into a virtual event design consultant and executive Zoom producer when the pandemic made teaching people to network AT events irrelevant. Learn more about me and my entrepreneurial journey.

What topic would be most appealing to your audience? Please email me to schedule an interview or start a conversation.