Interview Scheduling

Thank you for choosing a time for your interview. You are welcome to save this page for your records. I welcome any additional questions you may have. Email me at

You may download the Interview Release for your records. I am looking forward to our conversation!

Goal of the Interview: The goal is to share a little bit about your journey, what you learned along the way about the importance of relationships, and what leadership means to you.

I want to tell your story and hopefully understand how you think and work. This is best achieved when you can answer “I did this…” or “This is how I approach my work…”, rather than responding generically with a description of how leaders or managers would answer the question.

This is a “G-rated” show; please refrain from using curse words. Thanks!

Possible Interview Questions

Below you will find a list of possible questions you may be asked during your interview. Due to the conversational style of the interview, all of these may not be asked, but the conversation will start with the first question. I will NOT open by asking you to “Tell me about yourself…” and I hope through my questions, you will share something about yourself that hasn't come up in other interviews. 

First question:

Tell me what leadership means to you and when you realized you had the skills to lead.

Other possible questions:

Tell me about a time that you faced a challenge and overcame it.

How has your professional network grown during your career and in what ways have you nurtured those relationships?


Notice: Not all interviews will be published due to the nature of the interview process. On the Schmooze reserves the right to refuse publication, for any reason, without notice.