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As a reminder, the interview will air live on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. At a later date, the audio will be shared via RSS feed to my podcast.


The interview will be about 30-40 minutes, but the appointment time is for 60 minutes to allow for a buffer before we begin and after the broadcast ends. Please log in to StreamYard a few minutes before the broadcast to set up your audio and video options.

The live conversation goes quickly, and it will be fun! 

When we sign off the livestream, stay online, and we can chat for a few minutes.


The goal is to share a little bit about your journey,  how you got started serving authors, what services you offer, and what advice you have for entrepreneurs thinking about writing a book.

I want to tell your story and hopefully understand how you think and work. This is best achieved when you can answer “I did this…” or “This is how I approach my work…”, rather than responding generically.

This is a “G-rated” show; please refrain from using curse words. Thanks!


5 Steps to Look Best on Camera
1) If using laptop, place it on a box or books so the camera is eye level
2) Adjust laptop cover to reduce the amount of space above your head to “two fingers”
3) Sit in the middle of the screen (centered)
4) Lights. Camera. You. (Lights always in front. Close windows to the side and do not sit in front of window.)
5) Please look AT the camera when you're speaking.

Watch this quick video for an explanation of these steps:

You don't need any fancy technology, but if you're curious – here's what StreamYard (my streaming service) recommends:

– A laptop or desktop.
– A recent version of Chrome or Firefox.
– A mic and webcam.
– A good internet connection [hardwired is best].

If you have any questions or concerns about your setup, let me know.

The experience is best on a laptop/desktop; However, If you don't have a laptop or desktop, you can join on your phone. On Android, StreamYard recommends the Chrome browser. On iOS, you must use Safari.

You can find more detailed instructions from StreamYard HERE.

Notice: Not all interviews will be published due to the nature of the interview process. Robbie Samuels LLC reserves the right to refuse publication, for any reason, without notice.


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