Masterclass: Discovering Your Ideal Client


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I've long struggled with the idea of an “ideal client” and how to identify who that is if you are just starting out or pivoting from one type of client to another that has yet to be figured out.

I'm developing a model to help you identify your ideal client. My premise is that our effort to find the “sweet spot” of what our work should focus on is very “us” centered and not client-centered. This model is a helpful screen as you evaluate who regularly comes to you for advice, support, or services.

Before you watch this replay, consider this timeline:

This step is BEFORE you build your avatar.

If you have ever been frustrated by lessons on avatars, this model will help.


Make a list of 12-20 people who have come to you for support, advice, or services. This is a mix of clients and non-clients. For each one, ask yourself:

Do you have the expertise they are looking for?

Is this something you are passionate about? (You'd do it for free.)

Will they pay for the value you offer?

Identify people for each of the pitfalls: Burnout, Hobby, Trap. And hopefully, identify someone who is a yes for all 3 questions. You've discovered your ideal client.

Haven't been paid yet, but think it may be a possibility? Next step is to build content to attract more of that type of avatar, then test a minimally-viable product.

Thank you to those who attended live in December 2018 and asked questions! Watching the replay? I welcome you sending me your feedback:

UPDATE October 2021: What I started writing in 2018 became the book I released in 2021, “Small List, Big Results: Launch a Successful Offer No Matter the Size of Your Email List.” Buy the book and download the bonus content at


I'm writing a book, “Your Relationship-Based Business Plan,” which is about how to take your business to the next level and diversify your revenue streams. This is content I've been sharing with my clients in The M.O.R.E. Program for Entrepreneurial Women and through private coaching. Meetings with my ideal readers has helped this book take shape. To continue receiving feedback… I'm hosting a series of free Masterclasses where I'll be sharing the strategies that will end up in the book.

I've already hosted two other sessions. You'll receive the links to these replays when you sign up for this session:

Part 1 covered the following topics:

  • Introduction – why me, why this book, who is it for?
  • Mindset – knowing your value, which way forward? (strategically), finding the time, leading from within
  • Stacking Your Successes – strategically working to completion, goal setting, “one thing”, laddering up your network
  • Taking the Leap – what will be your minimally-viable product (MVP)?

Part 2 covered the following topics:

  • Commit – keep testing and iterating your MVP, importance of quarterly goals, intensive vs. scattershot networking
  • Stretch Yourself – don't be attached to outcomes create possibilities, take MVP to the next level, connect with influencers
  • Getting Support – differences and benefits of an accountability partner, mastermind, coach, personal board of directors, Facebook community, and consultants – and how to find one

You'll find Part 1 & 2 and replays for all of the following free Masterclasses at

  • “Should I host a podcast?”
  • “Should I write a book?”
  • Book Launch Strategies
  • Getting M.O.R.E. [Money, Opportunities, Relationships, Engagement]
  • Making the Most of Your Next Conference Experience
  • Your Relationship-Based Business Plan (Part 1)
  • Your Relationship-Based Business Plan (Part 2)

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