Masterclass: Your Relationship-Based Business Plan (Part 1)


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I'm writing a book about how to take your business to the next level through relationship-based strategies. This is content I've been sharing with my clients in The M.O.R.E. Program for Entrepreneurial Women and through private coaching. Meetings with my ideal readers has helped this book take shape. To continue receiving feedback… I'm hosting a series of free Masterclasses where I'll be sharing the strategies that will end up in the book.

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Part 1 will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction – why me, why this book, who is it for?
  • Mindset – knowing your value, which way forward? (strategically), finding the time, leading from within
  • Stacking Your Successes – strategically working to completion, goal setting, “one thing”, laddering up your network
  • Taking the Leap – what will be your minimally-viable product (MVP)?


 Additional free Masterclasses are available at
  • “Should I host a podcast?”
  • “Should I write a book?”
  • Book Launch Strategies
  • Getting M.O.R.E. [Money, Opportunities, Relationships, Engagement]
  • Making the Most of Your Next Conference Experience
  • Your Relationship-Based Business Plan (Part 2)    <===  (Don't miss Part 2!)
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