Art of the Schmooze handout

Below is some of the content we'll cover in my Art of the Schmooze session. Book a session to receive my complete handout as a PDF.

Research. Who will be there?
Plan. Who do you want to meet?
Set goals. Meet 3 new people.
Reconnect with 3 you’ve met before.

Meet/Greet. The organizer/host/honoree.
Get in line. Food table or bar – easy place to start a casual conversation.
Keep moving. 5-10 minute conversations then back to mingling.
Take breaks. Check in with friends throughout the night to regroup.
Get introduced. Who do you know that can help you meet others?
Don’t blanket. It’s not quantity, it’s quality that counts.
Approach. Groups of 3 or more. Not couples in an animated conversation. Croissants vs. Bagels. Don't “other”.

Say hello. Shake hands, say your name and affiliation.
Ask questions. People like to talk about themselves.
Listen. Don’t fidget or scan crowd. Be present.
Offer. Connect them to a resource or a personal connection.
Pitch. How do you want them to stay connected with you?
Exchange cards. Jot down what you discussed or a specific follow-up.
Wrap up. Excuse yourself or introduce them to someone else.
Then Follow up. Within 48 hours is best. Not 4 weeks later.

At trainings time is set aside to actually practice these tips – so you become confident in your ability to network and create welcoming community spaces.

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