5 Steps to Subscribe, Rate & Review on Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes)

Before we get started

You will need to have iTunes installed on your device (Mac or Windows). If you don't, visit www.apple.com/itunes/download.

1. Start by going www.itunes.OntheSchmooze.com and click View in iTunes (under the image)

2. Once in iTunes, click the “Subscribe” button (it's free!)

3. Click on “Ratings and Reviews”

4. Select the star icon to leave your rating. Then click on “Write a Review”


5. A pop-up window will appear. Leave a TitleStar Rating, and a Review Comment. Don't forget to hit Submit. Thanks!


Voilà, you are done!

From here on out new episodes will automatically download to your iPhone Podcast app.

Questions about what app to use on your Android?

Here's a top 10 list to get you started. The highest ranked free one (which I use) is Podcast Addict.