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Robbie has the ability to answer the questions you have; as well as, inform you of the challenges others face in networking situations. For example, he talked about determining in advance, who to speak to at an event, while telling us to be mindful of how we approach people. In our nervousness or lack of awareness, we can sometimes select uncomfortable topics to bring up in conversations.  I was like “wow, no one ever says anything about that issue.” We all face those ‘not that question again’ moments, and we grin and bear it or try to find some crafty way to avoid it. However, Robbie brought that experience to our attention, so we can create positive interactions with others. Now, we just have to get Robbie to speak to everyone, everywhere, so all of our interactions will be thoughtful and fulfilling. You are the best, Robbie!!
Sam Mie, Research Scientist
(11/17 Art of the Schmooze – Newton, MA)

Thanks again so much for your flexibility and insight. Your Intercultural Communication in the Workplace presentation was the second most popular session of our retreat, just behind the team presentations provided by staff members. The teaching staff across all three centers have really integrated the iceberg model in their approach to planning a culturally reflective and responsive environment for children. That concept in particular has been very instrumental in our applied work with families and children.
Sunday Taylor
(4/16 Intercultural Communication at Horizons for Homeless Children – Boston, MA)

As an ambitious college student who has read many blog posts and articles related to networking prior to attending Art of the Schmooze, I still found Robbie to be a friendly, engaging speaker who gave me not only very specific tips to effectively connect with others, but the confidence to put into practice what I had already known.
Radha Dutta,UMass Amherst
(1/16 Art of the Schmooze)

When you trained my Brookline Chamber of Commerce colleagues and I, people were breaking out of their serious business persona and participating, laughing, and trying new things. The croissants vs. bagels activities was both a helpful practical strategy and gave us a good laugh thanks to the name of it. Schmooze is great combo of useable skills and a really fun, active experience.
Jessica Green, former business owner and community organizer
(6/15 – Boston, MA)

I wanted to thank you for such an amazing, eye-opening, comprehensive workshop of how to network! I know many introverted people signed up to get out of their comfort zone and I recognize how hard that must be, you had a wonderful turnout. I consider myself an extrovert, however, all of you tips were extremely helpful including the stance you take when having a conversation and how to wrap the conversation up and end it. You brought up many different points that I never thought of before. I like how welcoming everyone was and really enjoyed the evening. Another tip that I thought was helpful was when you received a business card and where you would place them would mean something different including if you were interested in speaking to that person again or not. I appreciate the time you took to put this on and hope to connect with you in the future at other workshops! I will also pass your information along to my HR department to see if we want to inquire some of these workshops in our personal development too.
Michelle R. Kennis
(1/15 Art of the Schmooze at Socializing for Justice – Boston, MA)

Thanks to a donation from Robbie Samuels, I have now raised $280 for the Boston Children's Hospital. And if it weren't for Robbie, I wouldn't be so comfortable doing all of this fundraising in the first place. His training, “Getting Past the Fear of Asking” really helped me work through my anxiety about fundraising. If the thought of asking for money makes you sick to your stomach, you should really talk to Robbie. (Seriously, he'll come to you and train your staff or your board on how to get over that angst.)
Jessica (JC) Critcher, Socializing for Justice Co-Organizer
(10/14 – Boston, MA)

I wanted to thank you for such a dynamic training this morning! I work as an AmeriCorp VISTA and am very interested in human dynamics and relationships building. Thanks for sharing your ideas and advice with the group, what a great way to spend my morning. You mentioned The Tipping Point, which I read last summer. Such interesting ideas, and I enjoyed how you tied in the different personalities we all bring to the table. Supporting donor relationships and gift acknowledgements here at the Rhode Island Free Clinic, I am always happy to have further insight into people and how to further relationships. Thanks again, and I will look forward to following your work.
Ashley Nicoson, Philanthropy Associate VISTA, Rhode Island Free Clinic
(9/14 at Rhode Island Foundation)

The Art of the Schmooze and Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking at The Rhode Island Foundation taught by Robbie Samuels were two of the most relevant and informative workshops that I have been fortunate to attend. His knowledge and enthusiasm for networking and fundraising are contagious, and he made both practices attainable with his humorous style and generous, open nature. The workshops have infused me with new skills and energy to network and fundraise more efficiently and effectively. Thank you Robbie.
Mara Trachtenberg, President Hera Gallery/Educational Foundation
(9/14 at Rhode Island Foundation)

As a recently appointed Director of Development, Robbie Samuels' training session was incredibly impactful on my everyday work. I took many of his tips, advice and tricks back to my colleagues and even members of my Board of Trustees. In particular, his session on “Getting Past the Fear of Asking” opened my eyes to the ease and simplicity of major gift solicitation. The Newport Art Museum has immediately put his advice in to practice.
Rebecca Bertrand, Director of Development, Newport Art Museum
(9/14 at Rhode Island Foundation)

PREDICTION: If you take to heart and practice just one of Robbie’s 8 Networking Tips — the one you violate most frequently? — and enter the room thinking “Croissants..” you will be amazed at the results. So glad I attended your Art of the Schmooze at Creating Change 2014!
Sarah Goodfriend, Stonewall Austin
(2/14 Art of the Schmooze @ Creating Change in Houston, TX)

I greatly enjoyed your presentation The Art of Schmooze! I admit, I was skeptical that an Introvert (with a capital “I”) like myself would be able to do any schmoozing. I never really knew how to get past the handshake + eye contact. So now I know the value of small talk (and that no one likes it was reassuring!). After your workshop, I effectively networked with three people, got their cards (with notes on them) and am about to follow-up. I also have better ideas how to disengage from conversations, something I have ALWAYS struggled with. “Grin, Grip, and Go” will be my new mantra! I used some of your other tips, too, but I won't give all of your secrets away here. If you are on the fence about whether to bring this presentation to your group or organization, just do it – you will be glad you did. Not only is the information valuable, but Robbie is a very dynamic, engaging, and knowledgeable speaker.

Jordon Bosse, RN, MSN – UMASS Amherst College of Nursing, Doctoral Candidate

(2/14 Art of the Schmooze @ Creating Change in Houston, TX)

Robbie is an incredible presenter!  He is an extremely engaging and enthusiastic presenter, full of energy, passion, and positivity.  The information he offers is extremely valuable to professionals at any level.

Thomas Bourdon, Ed.D., Director, Tufts University LGBT Center and Co-Chair, Tufts Social Justice Leadership Initiative

(2/14 Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking @ Creating Change in Houston, TX)

I loved, “Art of the Schmooze” both times that I have attended the session. It was nice to have the second refresher. It has helped me become more confident when it comes to Networking. Now I can walk into a room and after finding the vibe of the room, I can easily walk up to people and talk to them confidently, without worry. During the presentation itself Robbie is really good at engaging the audience. No one is left drooling at the mouth– bored to tears– and everyone learns a vital skill.

Khyle Ball, Hood College

(2/14 Art of the Schmooze @ Creating Change in Houston, TX)

As someone who is aggressively introverted it is often difficult for me to feel comfortable entering conversations or spaces where conversation is encouraged. The Art of Schmooze gave me tools that I can use in any conversation, one-on-one or networking function. I have learned have to read the room, what transitional practices feel best for me and it, above all, settled some of my most hindering fears.  I recommend The Art of Schmooze not only to introverts looking to improve networking skills, but to anyone on the social spectrum, there is information for everyone!

Raisa Mathis, Equality Ohio

(2/14 Art of the Schmooze @ Creating Change in Houston, TX)

I lead a large young LGBTA professionals network in Houston which hosts monthly happy hours. Constantly looking around to address concerns, I would  neglect my conversations or have low quality ones. Many are in the same situation as there are lots of things going on at these events with new and familiar faces entering the room. I learned to be more attentive and deliberate in my conversations as a leader and to also address when I am not focused on the conversation so that my audience does not feel that they are not interesting. As a group I see body language resembling bagels and many that are stuck in a conversation they have no idea how to end. As a group that grows  through word of mouth, I am now convinced that having business cards for our organization is essential. Not only that, but having signs or logos that my leadership team can wear to start the conversation which may lead to more volunteers.

Alan Prewitt, Lambda Nextgen Houston

(2/14 Art of the Schmooze @ Creating Change in Houston, TX)

As an undergrad the skill of networking will become increasingly important to me and I wanted to thank you for all of the pointers you so eloquently gave. Your presentation skills and knowledge of the topic were quite impressive.

Greta Lattcenzi-Silveos, MIT student

(2/14 Art of the Schmooze @ Creating Change in Houston, TX)

The class on ‘Art of the Schmooze' at the Houston Creating Change conference gave me several insights on myself and others in social gatherings.  None of it was rocket science.  I learned mostly that we are too egocentric in believing we ourselves are the source of actions by others in the gathering.  A practical set of circumstances are used to demonstrate the various mechanics of interaction. I am glad I attended, and Robbie Samuels is an intriguing and generous presenter.

Herman L. Hamm, Montrose Center

(2/14 Art of the Schmooze @ Creating Change in Houston, TX)

I knew most everything you talked about, but you have a way of presenting things in a new, fresh and entertaining manner that I left feeling quite energized.  That was so needed and much-welcomed.  You rejuvenated me.  Thanks.

Jim Faucett, Youth Outright Western North Carolina

(2/14 Art of the Schmooze & Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking @ Creating Change in Houston, TX)

Robbie — Wanted to thank you for a great, informative workshop on networking. My consulting practice demands that I network. Although I engage in it…being an introvert I've never been very comfortable undertaking it. Your tips on opening remarks, engagement and the three “G's” of disengagement (Grip, Grin & Go) are straight forward and practical. I finally have a guide that I can truly use to improve this needed skill. In addition, I really appreciated your advice of setting networking goals for a particular event e.g. three new contacts, reconnect with three previous acquaintance to continue building the relationships as well as other tips to make the experience both productive and enjoyable. Robbie, I will certainly use what you have taught…thank you!

Dan L. Gibbons, Gibbons & Associates

(11/12 Art of the Schmooze @ Wheelock College)

Robbie's Art of the Schmooze takes a common, but often under-appreciated communication to new heights! I didn't realize the simple, but elegant clues, gestures, practices, and rules that contribute to successful schmoozing. Robbie brings an amazing amount of passion to an art form that is the basis of much of business development, not to mention a great way to make new friends and learn to be a better listener and connector.

Richard Frank, Artists for Humanity

(11/12 Art of the Schmooze @ Wheelock College)

Robbie shares his vast experience and observations in a fun, engaging and insightful way which leads to a workshop that is sure to give you the skills and confidence to maximize your future mingling no matter your experience level or personality type.

Thomas Bentley, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay

(11/12 Art of the Schmooze @ Wheelock College)

I found the Art of the Schmooze training to be both entertaining and extremely valuable. Robbie takes a topic that usually evokes anxiety and instead makes it fun and easy. I will use the tips that I learned to help me climb the higher education leadership ladder.

Heather Fidler, Wheelock College

(11/12 Art of the Schmooze @ Wheelock College)
You were my favorite speaker of the day! I saw you in the X-Factor panel discussion and then attended the Getting Past the Fear of Asking training. Looking back at my notes, you underlined a new concept that we will try to use at our annual auction that I just saw at another event – the donation cards – I like the “under the salad plate” with the pen at each place – I like the volunteers slowwwwly coming around to collect.

“Stepping on the ask” and asking and then being quiet stuck with me. I relayed your asking us our favorite food or where we would like to travel and then you kept talking…who could think?! Take a sip of water and just LISTEN. Love it! I also really like the 3C's of Fundraising. When I shared this with my Development Director, she was familiar with it (called something else) I found it really interesting and a great way to look at old and new prospects and how they can “help” us. We've never delved into monthly donating, but think we might give it a shot, especially as we are trying to start a young professional group.

I also like having a sheet with a menu of opportunities for folks…volunteering opportunities, monthly giving, planned giving, etc. that you can hand out to folks. You were a pleasure to listen to, kept my attention and made learning about asking interesting. Best of luck to you in all your endeavors!

Pam Rogers, AccesSportAmerica

(11/12 Getting Past the Fear of Asking at AFP Conference in Boston)
It was great to meet you and attend several of your presentations on Monday! I was so impressed by your work for LGBT rights with GLAD and the progress you have made in improving their events and raising money. You are a fantastic, engaging, and fun speaker who makes audiences feel comfortable and excited. Your talk on asking for money was really inspiring, as well. It was a good reminder to not be afraid of our donors and not be afraid to ask—they want to help us. We’re in the business of relationships and mutual support, not intimidation. Thank you!

Cameron Archibald, Unitarian Universalist Association

(11/12 Getting Past the Fear of Asking at AFP Conference in Boston)
Most people dislike asking people for money, whether you do fundraising for a living or on a volunteer basis. I attended Robbie's workshop “Getting Past the Fear of Asking” and it was excellent! I would highly recommend this for anyone in the field. There is so much practical information and he makes it fun!

Jennifer Girvin, Partner, The Bray

(11/12 Getting Past the Fear of Asking at AFP Conference in Boston)
Robbie provided me with some very practical and useful tools that will benefit my organization as we look to enhance our fundraising strategies. His knowledge of fundraising and ideas for networking and planning fundraising events are very impressive. The information that I took away from his workshop will be beneficial for years to come.

Jeff Morton, Vermont Family Network

(11/12 Getting Past the Fear of Asking at AFP Conference in Boston)
This was the best training I attended at the AFP Boston conference. Your enthusiasm about fundraising and ability to captivate the room was truly evident! I plan on passing along the notes from your session as well as any other information I’m able to gather. Throughout college I interned at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston and now work for Tufts University; therefore, I’m still relatively new to the world of Development/Advancement. More importantly, I’ve always wondered how people maneuver around asking for money and your training made it seem a more welcoming challenge than I originally thought. Overall, I would definitely recommend this session to anyone interested in being a frontline gift officer or looking for a career in fundraising in general!

Alycia Robbat, Tufts University

(11/12 Getting Past the Fear of Asking at AFP Conference in Boston)
Robbie leads a great workshop full of practical suggestions that you can start using right away. Robbie is approachable and a dynamic speaker that development professionals can learn from. Whether you have been in the business for 1 year or 15, Robbie offers advice on partnerships, networking, fundraising, and being passionate about your cause.

Rose Fisher, North Shore Medical Center

(11/12 Getting Past the Fear of Asking at AFP Conference in Boston)

Robbie’s presentation style was very entertaining and accessible. Many of the fundraising strategies he discussed were not new (we all know what we need to do), but the important thing is that he told us how to do it, including recommended wording. I left the training with practical tips for our next fundraising event, identifying new donors and for individual meetings with donors. I found the training to be extremely valuable and am ready to implement what I learned to make our next event much more profitable. Thanks, Robbie!

Katharine Robinson Grieder

A Safe Place, Inc., Executive Director

(7/12 Fundraising in Nantucket, MA)
Robbie's passion for building strong social connections is absolutely inspirational. His commitment to networking goes far beyond personal gain, and demonstrates how powerful one person's desire for social change can be. All of this–and more–is evident in Robbie's personable and informative Art of the Schmooze workshop. Perhaps most importantly, Robbie demonstrates the benefit of knowing how to make interpersonal conversations comfortable and beneficial–a skill which is increasingly rare in our virtually obsessed world.

Lea Robinson & Elizabeth Whitney

The Miscegenations Project, New York City

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Creating Change '12 in Baltimore)
Thanks so much for your training on the schmooze. I have a really hard time talking to strangers and I got a lot out of your training; now I have a plan of action when approaching networking opportunities like: having a plan with someone I'm going with to circle the room and meet back up, to have planned conversation starters before approaching someone, to offer before you ask, and my favorite, was assigning someone who has only attended a few events ago to seek out the new newbies and make them comfortable by relating their experiences. Thank you so much!

Natasha Soto, Community Organizer

Clean Air Coalition of WNY

(2/12 Art of the Schmooze at RootsCamp '12 in DC)
An enthusiastic trainer. He inspired me to go out and get the money that our organization needs.

Jeff Pinzino, Development Director

National People's Action, Chicago Office

(2/12 Fundraising training at RootsCamp '12 in DC)
I attended your fundraising session at RootsCamp, and just wanted to let you know I thought it was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it, and I especially enjoyed your use of storytelling to illustrate both the “do's” and the “don't's.” I left feeling a lot more confident about fundraising. I'm not sure that “unqualified positive!” is the most useful feedback, but it's how I feel so I thought I should still share.

Max Bentovim

(2/12 Fundraising training at RootsCamp '12 in DC)
I can't thank you enough for your workshops on Networking and Fundraising. I was one of those people who hate to ask for money. You helped me remember how I feel when I give money to a cause I believe in. That is invaluable for me, to feel like I'm giving people an opportunity to support a cause they are passionate about. I also appreciated the concept of people are less likely to give, if they aren't asked. Honestly every word that you spoke was so helpful, I wish you would write a book please.Thank you for being so passionate, helpful, and inspiring.

Laura Bingham,Social Worker

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze & Fundraising at Creating Change '12 in Baltimore)
Robbie was an extremely engaging presenter, and his session “Art of the Schmooze” helped me further develop and learn about skills I try to most effectively use everyday in my work at the University of Vermont. As a person who works in the admissions office at my University, as well as in the non-profit sector, Robbie's insights on body language, conversation, and networking were extremely applicable and beneficial. As someone who uses these skills often, it was wonderful that Robbie was so informative and effective as a facilitator.

-Emily Loisel, University of Vermont

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Creating Change '12 in Baltimore)
Thank you for presenting the “Art of the Schmooze” training at Creating Change! I really enjoyed the workshop and certainly took away some lessons that I can implement at future events with my organization. Having a goal before working the room and learning different exit strategies for when the conversation gets a bit stale or goes on too long were – for me – the most useful parts of the training. And as small a thing as it can seem, I really appreciated the handout and followup information. Some workshops did not provide any takeaway literature… Thank you for such a helpful (and funny!) training – hope to attend another one of your workshops next year!

Laura Reece, Fairness Campaign

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Creating Change '12 in Baltimore)
My big take-away from Robbie's informative and interesting session is to go into networking situations with specific goals in mind. This will help me to prepare for the event, have a focus during, and also provides a means for assessing whether I was successful. Thank you, Robbie!!

Lee Forest

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Creating Change '12 in Baltimore)
I thought Robbie was extremely energetic and knowledgeable on the topic being presented. He made the material accessible for learning styles, which to me is a mark of good presenter. I am already using the tips that he shared with us in that session and sharing them with my students that I work with.

Cornell Woodson

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Creating Change '12 in Baltimore)
Robbie's Art of the Schmooze gave me tangible tips to take with me into any social setting. His advice on foot-placement, body language, and ways of starting and stopping a conversation have made me more confident while networking, and people I talk to seem to be more at ease in my presence. Schmoozing is certainly an artform, and I'm glad to have learned from a pro.

Adam Jahr

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Creating Change '12 in Baltimore)
“The Art of the Schmooze” taught me valuable lessons about body language cues better ways to open the lines of communication with potential funders. As a result, I feel more confident and less awkward about navigating fundraising events.

Melissa Moore, We Are Family Executive Director

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Creating Change '12 in Baltimore)
Got some great tips in just a short while at the “Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking” workshop. I got back from the training and went right to work, using the tips I learned in our organization's phone-a-thon. I was able to be friendly and confident, unruffled by folks who said no, and was our top fundraiser!

Samuel Lurie, Outright Vermont Board Member

(1/12 Fundraising training at Creating Change '12 in Baltimore)
Thank you very much for your presentation yesterday. Your positive approach to networking is really refreshing. I am a consummate networker and really enjoy being a connector when and where I can. Your presentation introduced me to new and creative aspects in networking that I look forward to trying out and sharing with my friends and classmates.

Rebecca Darling

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Creating Change '12 in Baltimore)
Robbie’s skillshare the Art of the Schmooze was a brilliant event. Robbie shared the ABCs of how to network, why to network, and how to do it with grace and warmth. He gave me the tools to engage in a easy conversation, including techniques to manage awkward pauses, conversational boredom, handshakes and business card etiquette, to name a few. Robbie is a skilled presenter- in a short amount of time he packed in an immense amount of material with precision and clarity, including time for a practice session where the participants got to implement what they learned. I am so grateful for all of the tips that I learned from Robbie. I feel prepared and inspired to build a robust network and to be more proactive in social settings. Thanks Robbie!

Dawn R. Quirk

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Socializing for Justice)
What a pleasure to attend your seminar “The Art of the Schmooze” last night. I have been going to trainings and seminars for longer than you've been alive and your event was fantastic! You were smart, funny and you gave even an old timer/extrovert/happy-in-front-of-a-crowd attendee some great takeaways. You modeled what it's like for all kinds of people to interact in a networking or social situation. You were compassionate, yet uplifting and energetic with the introverts. I would highly recommend “The Art of the Schmooze” to anyone who meets new people in their lives on a regular basis, e.g. everyone.

Joanne Dougan

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Socializing for Justice)
I had fun at the training class. The class was a way to analyze ideas I had concerning what would be appropriate when meeting people. Putting into perspective the “Win Win” of moving onto the next person, should definitely take care of the guilt argument. The most important concept was in organizing yourself so that you are confident, when meeting new people. When you have a game plan, you are more likely to be prepared for any surprises….always have an out. By using these tools in meeting new people, there should be less conflict and more happiness. Learning to take charge of yourself and not leaving to much to chance builds confidence. There is always room for improvement and if not then the true constant of change is never too far away.

Anna Dubrowski

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Socializing for Justice)
I got some great insights and some new skills to practice to help me with my networking. Robbie's presentation was lively, engaging, informative and very applicable to a wide range of situations where people aim to connect with others. Highly Recommended!!!

D.J. Perez

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Socializing for Justice)
As a recent college grad, the process of networking can seem like a chore and more daunting than necessary. These were my reasons for attending a recent SoJust Skillshare on Networking. I expected to be lectured on basics of networking. This turned out to be completely untrue, as Robbie was hilarious, engaging, and informative for all levels. Overall, I had a great time and walked away feeling confident about future networking events.

Ashley Brown

(1/12 Art of the Schmooze at Socializing for Justice)
Robbie was informative, engaging and entertaining as he shared great ideas around fundraising, which is all about developing relationships and engaging people, something he is a master at. One cannot help but come away wanting to hear more, work directly with Robbie, and be as passionate and excited as he is.

Debra Tanner, Executive Director

Southern Rhode Island Volunteers

(10/11 Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking at RI Foundation)
Robbie is a dynamic, honest, and witty speaker.  He went out of his way to work with our organization, GAN-e-meed Theatre Project, to create a unique workshop specifically for our attendees who walked away laden with resources and new information.  He did his homework, responded to specific scenarios, and never missed a beat.  I would recommend any of his workshops without hesitation.

SerahRose Roth

Producing Artistic Director

GAN-e-meed Theatre Project

(11/11 Perfecting Your Pitch)
Thank you Robbie for an inspiring, educational evening.  Robbie designed a training called “Perfecting Your Pitch” for our Career Labs for Women in Theatre.  This combined elements of “Art of the Schmooze” and “Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking” but he also did his research to make sure all of his examples were applicable to the theatre community and our particular challenges.   He broke down the elements of networking, which can be hard to figure out on your own, into simple achievable steps.  The participants raved about it, and I learned a lot as well! 

Jen Alison Lewis

Director of Career Labs

GAN-e-meed Theatre Project

(11/11 Perfecting Your Pitch)
Robbie Samuels' Perfecting Your Pitch workshop, hosted by GAN-e-meed and Stage Source, was just what I needed at this present moment in my career. I could have listened to the useful information Robbie presented for days on end. The information he shared with all of us was clear, inspiring and connected to each one of our questions, concerns and needs. It was insightful for me to also hear each participants questions and how Robbie specifically responded to them.  I came away feeling invigorated with new ideas and strategies to employ as ‘hands-on right now’ impacting the success of my current theatre project. Robbie is great! I highly recommend everyone to sign-up for his Perfecting Your Pitch workshop, no matter if you are just starting out in theatre or you are a seasoned ‘Pro’. Robbie will pin point where you need to adjust your focus and how to speak with a clear passion of your project enabling you to succeed. Thank you, Robbie.

Karen McElvain, Producing Artistic Director

The Open Road Theatre

(11/11 Perfecting Your Pitch)
The Art of Schmooze given by Robbie Samuels was a great presentation that I would highly recommend. I found Robbie very animated and enjoyed that he got the group involved during and after the presentation practicing the tips. I attended with one of my fellow classmates who was very nervous walking into the room but by the end of Robbie's presentation she was much more comfortable.

Mary A. Burley, student

Lincoln Technical Institute

(10/11 Art of the Schmooze)
Robbie breaks down the Art of the Schmooze into edible pieces that can be adapted for both introverted and extroverted people who want to get their mission heard. From body language to becoming a ‘connector,' I learned the steps it takes to become the networker I want to be. I especially appreciated the experience Robbie brings to the table about Networking and the ways it can lead you to be a success in the non-profit sector.

Alicia R. Atkinson, M.P.P. Candidate 2013

Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Brandeis University

(9/11 Art of the Schmooze)
I always thought that networking was something that just came natural to those who are good at it. After taking The Art of the Schmooze with Robbie Samuels at The Heller School, I realized it is actually a skill that anyone can master! Even though I enjoy talking to people and learning of their interests, I learned how to capitalize on those skills to make them useful for my present situation as a student, and in turn, preparing me for my future. I highly recommend Robbie's presentation for anyone, introverts and extroverts alike, looking to enjoy social events instead of stressing about them. I know that now that I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve, I will be able to keep myself in the present and make the best of the event, which is really what networking is all about!

Jamie Minton, M.P.P. Candidate 2013

Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Brandeis University

(9/11 Art of the Schmooze)
I serve as a Board member of The History Project (THP) that documents and preserves Greater Boston's LGBTQ history. Robbie Samuels recently conducted Art of the Schmooze for our Board and the Advisory Committee members. This workshop is an effective way to learn about the finer nuances of the craft of networking. Robbie not only highlights common external errors we make when meeting people in a formal and informal environment, he also offers insights into the inner workings of human psyche in social settings. As a presenter Robbie is engaging and funny. He is not just a workshop conductor, but he is an educator- and a memorable one at that. I would recommend this workshop to any individual or organization seeking to hone their networking skills.

Mesma Belsare, History Project Board Member

(9/11 Art of the Schmooze)
Robbie is an amazing workshop leader, and Art of the Schmooze was full of useful suggestions that I started putting into practice at the next event I intended. He brings an extraordinary degree of energy, insight, and emotional intelligence to his work – it’s a privilege to be in his presence and partake of his wisdom. We will undoubtedly look to Robbie for help with our internal fundraising training as well.

Neal Kane, History Project Board Chair

(9/11 Art of the Schmooze)
Robbie lets you know that you are not alone; there are few naturally born schmoozing superstars.  With practice and Robbie's helpful tips in your arsenal anyone can become more comfortable doing what is naturally uncomfortable: meeting strangers and carrying on a conversation.  Robbie keeps his talk relevant, informative and infused with laughter; the time flew by. UPDATE: Since the Wonder Women training you spoke at, I made the leap of opening up my own office.

Julianne Parolin

(8/10 Art of the Schmooze)
I am a firm believer in sales training.  I have attended dozens of training sessions.  Read many, many, books.  Listened to DVDs and designed training courses myself.  Being a good trainer is an art.  You have to be able to capture your audiences attention with your delivery and maintain it with your message.  Robbie Samuels is a master at the art of training.  I highly recommend attending his fun and helpful seminars.

Justin Berke, Partner

Commonwealth Financial Group

(3/11 Art of the Schmooze at Brookline Chamber)
Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday. It was helpful, encouraging and empowering! I left wanting to ask everybody for money :).

Tre'Andre Rivera-Valentine

Community Programs Coordinator, The Network/La Red

(4/11 fundraising coaching session)
Thanks for the workshop!  So far, my grassroots group is funded completely out-of-pocket…we're all dedicated, and we have no problem asking people to volunteer, but we've had a hard time getting our heads around asking people for money.  With some tips gained at your workshop, we've started to get past the fear of asking and develop a sustainers program!

Reed Miller, Black & Pink

(3/11 Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking)
I've been networking for the past four years and wish I would have taken the Art of the Schmooze before now. Robbie's presentation is enlightening, humorous and engaging. I had an event to attend the day after I heard and participated in Robbie's presentation. I found myself incorporating the tips he had and watched my body language and how I placed my feet. . And for the first time, had graceful exit strategies in ending a conversation. I also looked for the croissant. Curiosity piqued? You will have to hear Robbie for yourself to know what that means.

Mary McManus

(3/11 Art of the Schmooze at Brookline Chamber)
I was really impressed with the Art of the Schmooze presentation.  I got affirmation for what I was doing right, and learned some tips and techniques to improve what I needed to work on.  I feel so much more confident for my next networking event.

Laura E. Days, Esq.

Israel, Van Kooy & Days, LLC

(3/11 Art of the Schmooze at Brookline Chamber)
Recently attended an Art of the Schmooze event. Robbie held a great workshop that a new networker and long time networker would benefit from. Robbie really broke down how to network in an easy to understand language.

Sasha Liang

Assistant Manager, BrooklineBank

(3/11 Art of the Schmooze at Brookline Chamber)
Robbie Samuels' interactive workshop was terrific. He used humorous examples and great physical delivery. Robbie focused on the need for people to be authentic and aware of body language. He had everyone identifying with his effective and humorous observations of networking and group dynamics. Robbie offered great examples and solutions to avoid unwittingly projecting vibes that say, “don't come near me” when in fact, if you are networking, the opposite is desired.

Martha Huntley, Home Renovation Coach

Room for Change, LLC

(3/11 Art of the Schmooze at Brookline Chamber)
It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you so much for bringing The Art of the Shmooze to The Brookline Chamber of Commerce. What better testimonial than to run into one of last night's attendees this morning and have him greet me with “grip, grin and go”?  You kept a room full of busy business professionals at rapt attention and they all took something away from your presentation.

Lea Cohen

President, Brookline Chamber of Commerce

(3/11 Art of the Schmooze at Brookline Chamber)
It was a pleasure you at the Brookline Chamber event. Your presentation was entertaining, informative and an insightful peek at human nature. I particularly enjoyed the portion of your presentation regarding body language and the dynamics of a group of people standing around speaking with one another. Will try to keep in mind your points on how to make it more inviting for others to join the group.

William J. Dempsey Jr., President

Commonwealth Property Management LLC

(3/11 Art of the Schmooze at Brookline Chamber)
Rhode Island's grassroots conservationists were treated to Robbie's interactive, entertaining and USEFUL workshops at the 2011 Land & Water Conservation Summit. Robbie warmed up the group with “The Art of the Schmooze”, sharing tips for how to meet (and even enjoy) people at those uncomfortable networking events. He then presented “Grassroots Fundraising”, showing participants how to use their new relationships to build support for their organizations. I highly recommend these excellent workshops!!

Meg Kerr, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program

(3/11 Land & Water Conservation Summit)
In just a few hours I went from being shy to ask for a $5 donation to being confident asking for a $1,000 contribution for my cause.  Now that is skillsharing that pays!  Thanks so much for the great presentation, Robbie.

Shara Drew, SoJust Skillshare attendee

(3/11 Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking)
Robbie is a great speaker and engages the audience really well. His workshop on “The Art of the Schmooze” was fun and informative. Yet, the best word to describe the entire session is ‘relevant’. What you learn applies to networking, but also overall to learning how to build relationships and understanding social cues and even your own body language. Of all the workshops and trainings that I have attended, this was one to remember.

Charity Tubalado, Development and Research Manager,

City Year Inc.

(3/11 Art of the Schmooze)
The Art of the Schmooze is a top notch networking training. Breaking down the basics of social cues and handshakes has the potential to be tedious, but Robbie's quick wit and dynamic training style keep participants engaged. Extroverts and introverts alike will walk away with a fresh look at networking and a few tools for their next event. 

Leigh Wilson, Training Project Leader

City Year Boston, Americorps

(3/11 Art of the Schmooze)
Haven't needed to fundraise in a while, so I thought I'd come for a refresher. Not only was I reminded of tips and techniques I'd packed away in my mental attic, but Robbie added valuable insights from his hands-on work in the field. Certainly a fitting first foray into SoJust and I look forward to more to come.

Todd, SoJust Skillshare attendee

(3/11 Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking)
It was very informative and useful. I learned a lot. I especially liked it because I feel like I can apply these skills to other aspects of non-profit work, outside of fundraising. Robbie is a fantastic teacher and he clearly knows his stuff.

Ryan, SoJust Skillshare attendee

(3/11 Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking)
Robbie has a dynamic and humor-infused style that makes for a engaging presentation. The way he reframed how and why we ask for money gives me more confidence to try out my new asking skills.

Alison, SoJust Skillshare attendee

(3/11 Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking)
Robbie's “Art of the Schmooze” event completely changed my attitude about networking. He gave me a lot of solid tools to improve my networking skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Every time I go to an event I remember what Robbie had to say; I feel more confident and prepared in networking situations, thanks to his help!

Leise Jones Smyrl, participant

(8/10 Wonder Women of Boston)
I would recommend this training to anyone with any fear of interacting with others and networking! Robbie’s training is fun and funny, and gave me some great tips to use personally and professionally. I went into the session totally nervous, and sitting alone and I left with a hilarious and informative handout, a few pages of notes that were chock full of tricks and ideas and several new contacts and acquaintances. This is a must!

Liz Elsen, M. Ed, Resident Director

Babcock-Carr-Saunders and Intersections LLC

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

(2/11 Creating Change session)
Thanks for a very fun, engaging and useful “Art of the Schmooze” workshop. As an experienced networker and trainer, it was a refreshing change for me to get tips to improve my skills. I plan to put the tips to work right away, especially noticing and adjusting my stance to be inviting to people joining the conversation and asking more questions of and about the people I am meeting. I recommend this training to anyone wanting to be more effective at making connections with new people.

Beth Hastie, MPH

Director of Community Organization and Development

(2/11 Realize Resources training)
As someone trying to break into the development field, Robbie's ‘Art of the Schmooze' workshop gave me concrete tips on how to increase my effectiveness at reaching out to people.  I immediately started consciously using the tactics that Robbie taught me.

Michael Spivak, J.D., attendee

(2/11 Creating Change session)
I'm generally skeptical of networking events, but Robbie — through his “Art of the Schmooze” training — teaches strategies and techniques to build actual relationships from these types of events. His tips on how to have genuine and fruitful interactions are very helpful. And as an introvert, I appreciated his recognition of the different needs and concerns we have!

Pem Brown, New Leaders Council Fellow

(2/11 fellow-led presentation)
It was a great pleasure to work with Robbie to present “The Art of Schmooze” to the graduate community at Babson College. Robbie was great from the moment we reached out to him; from coordinating the event through his presentation. At each step, Robbie was charismatic, knowledgeable, and dynamic in providing his insights and listening to our needs. With this collaboration, the event was relevant to the students and faculty who remarked how great and helpful the presentation was to them. Enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and genuineness are demonstrated qualities that Robbie shares with his audience both as a group and on an individual level. We all enjoyed and learned from Robbie through his entertaining and informative approach to teaching us ways to build relationships and work a room from his expertise. On behalf of all of us, thank you Robbie!

Alli and Amanda, Co-Directors of CCD Relations

(1/11 BAWMBA Babson Association of Women MBA’s)
Robbie came to Realize Resources to what had to be the toughest possible audience —one dozen professional training facilitators! The Art of the Schmooze was considered a big hit by my team. The presentation was delivered with wonderful humor and pizzaz. More importantly each of us walked away feeling energized and ready to practice new found skills.

James A. Figueiredo M.Ed., Director

(2/11 Realize Resources training)
I have attended many a networking training. But none have been as engaging, informative, and so darn practical as Robbie's. I am still amused and impressed by Robbie's ability to get us down to the basics of how to meet, greet, enter, and walk-away from conversations/interactions. I never thought about the placement of my feet, how I carried my business cards, how I ordered the business cards I collected, etc.–until now!  At the Network/La Red, we're doing a lot of thinking about how to engage the communities we work with, build solidarity with allied movements/organizations, and generally, build more community. Practical tips on staying present and building connections from a grounded centered way seem absolutely necessary for any community/solidarity building effort. Thank you for meeting our group where we were, challenging us to push our skills further, answering our questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, and doing so with a whole lot of humor!

-Hema,  Director of Community Engagement

(2/11 The Network/La Red)
I have always felt awkward at cocktail parties and other social gatherings where networking is the order of the day (or evening). I have watched others ‘work the room' and wondered where they learned to do that–and why I never learned how.
“The Art of the Schmooze” by Robbie Samuels is just what I have been looking for. In 90 minutes with Robbie I learned more than I learned from the several books I've read on the subject.
“The Art of the Schmooze” is full of practical suggestions and tips on every aspect of networking: the tools you need; how to prepare beforehand; how to get started once you're at the event; how to start, conduct, and end each conversation; who to talk to (and who not to talk to) and what to talk about (and what to not talk about); and how to keep track of it all so you can follow up later.
Robbie's charming and witty presentation makes the idea of schmoozing seem fun instead of intimidating, and there's even a chance to practice what you've learned with other seminar participants. Highly recommended–high-quality, useful presentations like this are why I keep coming back to the Creating Change conference!

Steve Lenius, “Leather Life” columnist, *Lavender* Magazine

Author, *Life, Leather and the Pursuit of Happiness*

(2/11 Creating Change session)
Robbie's Art of the Schmooze training totally blew me away. First of all, it must be said– Robbie is VERY FUNNY. In fact, the workshop felt almost more like a comedy show than a skill-building workshop. It was awesome. Apart from being highly engaging, Robbie was also insightful, informative and wonderfully practical. As someone who often has trouble getting out of dead conversations, I felt like I came out of the workshop with concrete strategies for how to wrap up and end a conversation BEFORE it dies. On the flip side, Robbie also has a number of great stock comments/questions to help keep conversations from prematurely dying. Now, I consider myself an extrovert but it is still extremely helpful to get such a clear explanation of what kinds of questions help deepen connections, and which kinds of questions one should avoid. From handshakes, to body stances, to where to keep your business cards, Robbie knows the ins and outs of how to make connections and keep them. I got so much out of this workshop. I only wish I could sit through it again (and again and again…) 

Beck Epstein, attendee

(1/11 The Network/La Red training)
The Art of the Schmooze is an absolutely GREAT topic/workshop, and a must attend for anyone who needs an extra boost when it comes to networking, on both a professional and personal level.  Robbie's energy and knowledge is vast, and I gained a lot of awesome nuggets that I intend to use and add to my networking toolbelt.  Thank you so much for putting on a great skillshare event!

Kaitlin Hasseler, attendee

(1/11 SoJust Skillshare: Art of the Schmooze)
Robbie Samuels's approach to networking, which he teaches through ‘Art of the Schmooze' is original and powerful given his emphasis on *authentic* interaction–in which the people engaged in a conversation draw out one another's unique strengths. In the workshop, he also wisely encouraged us to bring plenty of genuine positive energy when looking to connect with new faces.

Anne Sargent, attendee

(1/11 SoJust Skillshare: Art of the Schmooze)
Robbie gives a great presentation! Good schmoozin' can seem like a very abstract concept, but Robbie sets out practical, simple skills with which anyone can be a great schmoozer!

Winter, attendee

(1/11 SoJust Skillshare: Art of the Schmooze)
Robbie is an excellent speaker. There were so many great tips it would be impossible to not walk away with something useful.

Karen, attendee

(1/11 SoJust Skillshare: Art of the Schmooze)
As an undergraduate at Boston University, I didn't know what I could get out of a presentation about schmoozing.  Yet from the moment Robbie started presenting, I realized I was listening to someone who really gets people.  His tips on how to connect with people in a room, including follow ups really hit home.  I found myself nodding at a lot of things he suggested.  I walked away feeling much more self-aware and comfortable in a crowd of strangers.

Jason Burack, attendee

(1/11 SoJust Skillshare: Art of the Schmooze)

Since the first time I met Robbie and saw his networking skills in action I've thought ‘I want to be more like Robbie.'  When I saw that he was presenting a skillshare called The Art of the Schmooze I couldn't pass up the chance to learn from the master and I wasn't disappointed.  Robbie's approach to making connections is just so very human.  I've seen many presentations on networking and Robbie has an authentic, fresh approach. I took away several valuable reminders and some tips that I had never heard before.

Karen E. Glover, attendee

(1/11 SoJust Skillshare: Art of the Schmooze)
I recently had the opportunity to hear Robbie speak at the Ethos Roundtable. He isn't just charismatic, he understands his content and he provides substantial and important information. Further, he clearly understands the big picture of how to organize for social justice, and how connecting people at a person level is crucial to the process. I went home and joined SoJust.org immediately!

Christine Ellersick, attendee

(1/11 impromptu presentation @ Ethos Roundtable)
My first time at Ethos Roundtable brought a delightful surprise. When inclement weather kept the scheduled speaker away, and the moderator, Deborah Elizabeth Finn saw Robbie Samuels of SoJust.org in the room, she invited him to speak on his fast growing social network.  Robbie spoke with passion about Socializing for Justice, the social network of cross-issue progressives he and others are building in the greater Boston area. They “put the social back in social justice.”
Now a person can speak with obvious passion on a subject and still have you fighting sleep.  This was the opposite experience.  Robbie is a thoroughly witty speaker, and until he explained that his training was fundraising, I wondered if there wasn’t some standup comedy in his background somewhere.  I didn’t ask, but I don’t think so, where would he have found the time?  He seems to be involved in several projects at once, and I get the impression that this has always been the case.  More importantly, to me in any case, he spoke cogently about the ideas that have inspired SoJust, like bringing people of separate causes together so that they could get to know one another, opening avenues for their disparate causes that previously may have been closed, while opening minds.  OK, he expressed that last idea a great deal more clearly than I, so you’ll have to take the opportunity to see him for yourself if you want the full effect.
Another reason one has to hear Robbie is his extraordinary ability to take those big ideas and connections he has made and give solid examples that challenge the listener to think about those concepts in new ways. He speaks not just of sexism or racism, but of being mindful of differences and hidden power issues when we speak to others. Where others may have stopped after drawing attention to larger issues and connections; Robbie peppers his talk with thought provoking examples that surprise.  Chatting after the talk, for instance, about power issues he said something like; when you are at a restaurant and you ask the waiter about his accent, you may want to remember that your tip is paying their wages; this may compel them to speak with you about it.  One can argue that some folks like to talk about where they are from, as happened during the conversation. But anyone who has spent time waiting tables can tell you; those tips really are the wages, and the fact remains that the power relationship is real.  A thoughtful person will want to keep this in mind.  So, Robbie may be a witty and charming speaker, and completely entertaining, but what I found most compelling is his thoughtfulness. It permeates his entertaining talks, and seems to propel his work with SoJust.  I’ll have to go to one of these events to get the full effect of the network, and you should, too.  But don’t expect to hear him speak there; most events are just for socializing.

Mary Celeste Brown, attendee

(1/11 impromptu presentation @ Ethos Roundtable)
I heard Robbie speak at an Ethos Roundtable session. When I walked into the meeting I had my heart set on hearing another speaker, on a completely different topic. Robbie gamely stepped up to the plate, without notes, slideshow, or handouts.

At first I thought he would bore us with a survey of SoJust's website features. But when Robbie started to talk about starting up SoJust.org about diversity of interests and backgrounds coming together and finding common cause, my ears started to perk up. I had no idea the roots of the organization run so deep in radical notions of inclusivity, equality, and community building.
Robbie's passion was impressive. I was keeping pace for most of the presentation, but I got on board– literally, I signed up online as he spoke– when he talked about how SoJust's organizational and funding structure reflected its understanding of social change. Relying on small donations from its members rather than grantmakers and major donors, it has the freedom to cut its own path towards social change. I left convinced that SoJust.org is an effective model grassroots organizing, one worth supporting and one worth emulating.

Althea Chen, attendee

(1/11 impromptu presentation @ Ethos Roundtable)
I attended Robbie's Art of the Schmooze workshop and both enjoyed it and learned some great tips. If you've met Robbie, it won't surprise you to know that he's extremely charismatic, personable and a great speaker. More than that, however, he knows his subject. As an experienced networker himself, Robbie explains some of the more difficult steps including how to follow up, how to enter conversations and, even more difficult, how to gracefully exit conversations. I wholeheartedly recommend Robbie's workshop.

Holly Klose, Boston Career Counselor

(1/11 Wonder Women of Boston)
Robbie is engaging, entertaining, and insightful. His Art of the Schmooze workshop was highly interactive and informative. The best part is that Robbie is committed not to ‘networking', but to building a community and a movement. I highly recommend his training.

Kate, participant

(1/11 Wonder Women of Boston)
It was a great pleasure to work with Robbie Samuels to offer Art of the Schmooze at the NonProfit Center in Boston. Robbie was knowledgeable, dynamic and highly encouraging for participants at all levels of networking skill. Robbie also designed terrific opportunities for participants to connect and engage using their newly learned communications skills, skills that will build relationships and capacity in support of mission and progressive social change.

Jackie Cefola, NonProfit Center Program Manager

Third Sector New England

(10/10 Bottom Line Series)
I had the good fortune to participate in Robbie Samuels' Art of the Schmooze workshop recently.  What a treat!  Robbie is an engaging and skillful presenter.  He provided great information illustrated with entertaining stories about applying them and provided meaningful ways for us to practice these new skills.  Robbie is one part expert and one part entertainer.  That is the recipe for a winning presenter and Robbie is exactly that.  Planning an event?  Want your team to be ready to win the guests?  Prep with Robbie!  You will be so glad you did!

Paula Coyle,

non-profit/youth development leader

(8/10 Wonder Women of Boston)
Robbie is committed to using professional networking to advance social justice and build community. He expresses these values by creating a friendly environment where everyone is welcome.

Kat, participant

(8/10 Wonder Women of Boston)
Robbie is a great speaker and trainer who engages everyone to learn. In “Art of the Schmooze”, he teaches creative networking and fundraising skills that are invaluable in the nonprofit and social impact space. Robbie is a pleasure to work with and I have asked him to be a speaker at my upcoming seminar I run every year! I would recommend him highly for your next event or conference.

Mark McCurdy, The Nonprofit Career Coach

(5/10 Boston Skillshare attendee)
As a performer I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge and skills I gained from your workshop, The Art of the Schmooze.  The day after I went to your workshop I attended a fundraiser for an organization in a town I have never been to before.  I was there with a friend and began networking using the skills I had gained from your workshop.  Not only was I able to make connections with the board of directors of the organization, but I actually scored an impromptu show on the spot!  I ended up closing out the presentation for the organization with a song, something that never would have happened without your workshop.  I look forward to many more gigs in the future based on the skills I have acquired.  Thanks so much for the help!

– Kalil Cohen aka Metahuman

(6/23 US Social Forum, Detroit)
Robbie is a dynamic facilitator who gets the whole room engaged. In “Art of the Schmooze”, he teaches networking and community-building skills that are valuable in any context, be it professional or purely social.

-Leah, Young Jewish Leadership Council,

a project of Combined Jewish Philanthropies

(5/10 Art of the Schmooze)
The “Art of the Schmooze” was eye-opening: it gave me a new way of thinking about how people interact in social settings, how to feel more control, how to make spaces more inclusive. Plus, Robbie was a delight: fun, funny and friendly. These tools could help any progressive networker to become more savvy.

-Beth, JOI Fellow

(5/10 Art of the Schmooze)
Feedback from the group: folks were really into your presentation. They enjoyed your honesty, and how graciously you were able to slim down your workshop into half the time. People were especially into the “bagel/croissant” idea, as it relates to making spaces more inclusive! Speaking personally, this was a total revelation for me. There was also a lot of excitement about your suggestion to ask a conversation partner: “Who else here should I know? Would you introduce me?” Lots of pens were wagging. And also to set goals for meeting multiple people, to push ourselves out of corner conversations. All in all, a very good time with very good learnings!

-Beth, JOI Fellow

(5/10 Art of the Schmooze)
We talked for 4 hours straight! Robbie's enthusiasm, passion and expertise for networking and supporting people to share what they are passionate about with others (online and off-line) was exactly what I needed. He answered my questions, gave me lots of new ideas and supported me to take action on some of my own that I had been putting off.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in putting a fire in their bellies to move what they have inside them out into the world.

-Tiffany, Teacher & Bodyworker

(3/10 Event Promotion one-on-one client)
Thank you so much for meeting with us. We were truly inspired…you didn't just give us tools, you reconnected us with our own values and spirit…we truly believe in the abundance of community and you are helping to connect us with tools and processes that reflect that belief.

Mallory, Reflect & Strengthen

(2/10 Grassroots Fundraising Training)
Your workshop was fabulous – I feel much more comfortable about networking/schmoozing now.  I’d love to get my Board on board, and I’ve already been telling colleagues about bagels vs. croissants.

~J. H.,  Director, Public Relations & Fundraising

(AFP '09 conference participant)
I thought your presentation was fantastic!  Definitely the best session I attended at the conference and I did make note of that in my survey.

~B. J.

(AFP '09 conference participant)
I thought your workshop at the AFPMA conference was really helpful and engaging, definitely one of the best that I attended all day!

~A. B., Events and Special Projects Coordinator

(AFP '09 conference participant)
I found your workshop very useful and you were entertaining and engaging as well.
~ A. T., Senior Catering Sales Manager

(AFP '09 conference participant)
I really enjoyed your workshop, and I plan to share a lot of what you said at my next department staff meeting.

~A. A.

(AFP '09 conference participant)
I just wanted to let you know again how great I thought your presentation was and what a pleasure it was to meet you.  Your session had all the best ingredients; informative, great take-aways AND fun!

~C. E., Executive Director

(AFP '09 conference participant)
I really enjoyed your presentation.  Thanks so much for a great end-o-day workshop that was really fun! I have to do a mini presentation on one of the workshops that I learned the most at a meeting tomorrow morning first thing.  I chose yours!

~K. K., National Director, Corporate Development

(AFP '09 conference participant)
Thank you for the workshop. I did enjoy it – I found it to be useful and informative, and I really appreciated the hands-on participation (something I wish more presenters would integrate into their workshops).

~C. M., Foundation Relations Manager

(AFP '09 conference participant)

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