Today’s guest has extensive international experience and has worked for more than 20 years to improve nonprofit performance. She has served in an executive leadership capacity for several organizations, including as interim executive director of the Boston Center for Community and Justice, where she executed a historic program merger with YWCA Boston; she was also executive director of the Courageous Sailing Center of Boston; and founding executive director of United Way Moscow, where she resided for eight years.

Her corporate experience includes institutional equity sales at Brunswick UBS Warburg and Pioneer Securities, and running a sales department as vice president of the Center for Business Skills Development, all of which were located in Moscow. She has also served as a volunteer on the boards of several organizations, including United Way Moscow, the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, the Brattle Film Foundation, and the Boston Center for Community and Justice. She currently is on the board of MassEquality. In May 2014, she became President & CEO of WorldBoston, an essential convener on international topics affecting Boston and the world since 1949.

Please join me in welcoming Mary Yntema.

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In this episode we explore:

  • her thoughts on leadership – “Not all situations call for leadership. Many situations call for participation, which is different. And many situations call for what I think of as accompaniment or witnessing. Knowing which situations call for what is something to be desired and to be worked on”,
  • how she recognizing her own strengths and how those strengths may actually hinder her,
  • how easily we can miscommunicate in a cross-cultural context,
  • how you don’t need to specialize to make a difference.

Stay tuned until the end of the episode to hear what I thought were the key take-aways you could put into practice this week and benefit from for years to come.


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