Raise your hand if nearly every time you’ve attended something called a “webinar” you’ve kept your camera off and have engaged in multitasking.

Yep–that’s what I thought: That’s a lot of hands raised.

And that’s because when we hear the term “webinar,” we have a very clear set of expectations–and none of them involve being on camera and participating.

Language matters when it comes to your online events–and so does setting the context.

So, if you hope participants will keep their cameras on and actively participate, don’t call it a webinar!

In this quick 1-minute video, I talk about some of the things you could do instead.

After you watch it, let me know what you would call your online session instead of a “webinar.”

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Hosting a virtual event?

I am an event design consultant and executive Zoom producer recognized as an expert in digital event design. Organizations like Feeding America and the California WIC Association trust me to run their online events, and I’d love to help YOU. Comment or send a private message, and we’ll schedule a chat.