Let’s be honest: Many people sign up for a webinar or virtual session without ever intending to attend live–they want access to the recording. And that’s fine…but it does mean that the recording has to be clean and clear for it to have value and impact.

Have you ever gotten the recording for a Zoom meeting, and realized that you’re not just watching the speaker and their slides, but also five participants who had no idea they were being recorded? Some may not be visible because their cameras are turned off, but others will be recorded typing, eating, and… who knows what! It can be messy and distracting.

This is particularly annoying when YOU are the one hosting the Zoom meeting and want to send the recording to the folks who registered, but realize the recording doesn’t look as clean and professional as you’d like.

Luckily, there is a solution where you can be the only one who shows up in a recording while sharing your screen–and it’s not even hard to do! I’ll walk you through the steps in this short 90-second video.

After you watch it, tell me: Is this something you’ll put into practice for your Zoom sessions going forward?

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