Welcome back to On the Schmooze. Thank you so much for joining me. Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Heller, this week you’ll be hearing from me, your host.

Every other week I’ll be offering my take on some aspect of networking and relationship-building. These shorter podcast episodes will include practical networking tips and techniques you can put into practice right away. My hope is that insights from me and my guests will help you achieve the leadership position you’re seeking, build and sustain your professional network, and find the work/life balance that works best for you.

This week I’m sharing an open letter to networking event hosts. I’m sure you would agree that not all networking events are created equal. Too often, it feels like the decision to have a networking event was the result of not wanting to hire a speaker – and that’s the end of the discussion. Listen to hear my tips for creating quality networking events.

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