Today’s guest is a top internet influencer, a true podcasting pioneer.  In 2005, he launched the first podcast devoted to internet business and online marketing. To this day “Internet Business Mastery” is one of the most profitable business podcasts on iTunes – generating millions of dollars in direct sales.

He believes in the collective power of the self-made influencer to elevate the world with their story, message, and wisdom. He helps these thought leaders to turn their brilliance into effective internet content and courses so that they can reach more people and generate a greater impact with their ideas.

He has spoken around the world inspiring thousands to launch and grow their own personal brands, having personally launched more than 60 online courses, taught 7,000 students and seen his podcast downloaded 8 million times.

Please join me in welcoming Jason Van Orden.

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In this episode we explore:

  • his definition of leadership: “Leadership is knowing what you stand for, knowing who it is you want to serve… and having a message to bring to the world.”
  • how his motivation to become an entrepreneur was his passion for teaching AND freedom.
  • the origin story of how his podcast got started back in 2005, when the medium was barely known, and what’s motivated him to keep it going.
  • how having a legacy has become more important to him: “How do I show up best in the world? How can I do that as fully as possible?
  • How can I use that to create the best value?”
    how, as an introvert, he made reaching out to colleagues a habit and now can’t imagine building his business without these conversations each week.

What were the key takeaways you plan to put into practice this week and benefit from for years to come? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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