Today’s guest, like many ambitious women today, pushed herself to the limit and happily wore the busy badge of honor for decades.

Her suicide attempt as a young adult ignited a passion for personal development which led to her owning a nutrition business. Yet, while she made sure other women were taking care of themselves, stress, anxiety, worry, and fatigue were her constant companions.

She sold her business and took a year-long sabbatical that she calls her “Year of No” and learned how to unwind from over-busy habits and determine why she was pushing herself at a great cost to her own well-being.

She then interviewed other ambitious women about busyness addiction and leadership which led to creating Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™, a framework that redefines ambition and success for lasting and sustainable impact without burnout – teaching women how to prioritize self for a deep enduring contribution to self and to society.

Please join me in welcoming Suzy Carroll.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • her thoughts on leadership: “To me, leadership is about fostering the full potential of others, which also means fostering your own full potential first.”
  • how being raised by a narcissistic mother shaped her belief that she was “not enough.”
  • her transformation from being a people pleaser into a self-pleaser first.
  • the lessons Suzy learned during her sabbatical “year of no.”
  • how she helps women reduce overwhelm in their lives and step into their worth.
  • her methods for connecting to others, continuing to keep connections strong, and join people together for a common goal.


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