Today’s guest wants to journey to success without compromise. She is an ambitious woman with big goals and the unrelenting grit that has turned them into reality.

She is a two-time Inc 500 winner, 18 times 2 Comma Club winner, and a retired $100M entrepreneur. She has had to fight through the male-dominated business world and gain an education in finance and business.

She has experienced the highest highs of entrepreneurship and the most dangerous lows, including the stress and anxiety resulting from the destructive hustle culture. She learned the hard way that every decision can change the path of her life and business and that success at the cost of her health and well-being is not true success.

After hitting rock bottom, she discovered a better way to build businesses that prioritize the well-being and impact of women. Through her company, Financially Fearless Women, she now helps others to build a life and business that surpasses their dreams without sacrificing their health and well-being.

Please join me in welcoming Jocelynn Harward.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • her thoughts on leadership: “Leadership is responsibility. Having someone say, ‘I will follow you, I choose you as my leader,’ is such a gift.”
  • Her childhood nickname, “Bossy Jocey,” – clearly a leader from the very beginning.
  • Learning about seniority when she became editor-in-chief of the newspaper and yearbook early in high school. This later turned into a journalism scholarship in college.
  • Her favorite part of being a leader – a team.
  • Her first business is selling performance car parts online and leveraging her knowledge of Photoshop and HTML to sell those parts.
  • Her first business went under because they tried to take on too much, including two completely different business models. She recovered by going back to designing websites and selling decals on eBay.
  • Discovering how her customer’s minds worked and how she could sell more products based on their buying habits.
  • How she got into global supply chain management and loved what she was doing.
  • How she became a nine-figure business owner. YES! 9!!
  • How hoverboards changed everything.
  • How the pandemic affected everything, starting with her suppliers in China in 2019.
  • Taking her responsibility seriously and ensuring people could maintain their employment, their income, and the basics (like toilet paper).
  • The unhealthy habits that she developed to cope and how everything fell apart.


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