What is the typical online presentation format? 45 minutes of PowerPoint followed by ineffectual Q&A and no one moderating the chat. Sound familiar?

Ugh. Once Zoom became ubiquitous we needed to switch up how we present online, but 2.5 years later some of the events I've attended feel like Frankenstein's monster.

Just because a host knows how to play music, open breakout rooms, and use 3rd-party tools like Miro, doesn't mean they are using these tools thoughtfully.

Before you dust off your PowerPoint slides to prep for your next presentation ask yourself:

  • What is the outcome you’re hoping to achieve when you present to your audience?
  • What do you want your participants to do differently, think differently, or feel differently after your session?

Often, we’re so focused on getting our content delivered that we lose sight of the reason WHY we’re putting our content out there. We forget that we have a purpose, and our audience has expectations.

If you want to have an impact, you need to take a moment and remember your why and your audience’s needs, and design a purpose-first online session or event: everything from what speakers to select for your panel, interactive exercises for your audience, how you’ll handle questions, and the structure for your breakout rooms.

All of these need to work together to achieve the thoughtful and strategic outcomes you want for your audience and, ultimately, their organizations.

This 90-second video touches on how to design with the end in mind, focusing on intentional engagement.

This is the true next level of Zoom.

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