My list of Zoom pet peeves is…let’s just say, extensive.

They range from small things (like asking folks to raise their hands in chat…when that’s not something you can do in chat) to large things (like saying, “if you have a question, just unmute and ask!”…that’s essentially just inviting anarchy).

Back in 2020, we all cheered when folks knew how to mute all. Nowadays, that’s so basic, that we don’t even talk about it (and, if you don’t, prepare to be listed in my pet peeves). We don’t cheer for basic anymore. We cheer for intention and purpose.

It’s time to go from PRESENTING to ENGAGING, am I right?

But, while we’re at it, tell me–what are some of YOUR Zoom pet peeves? I can’t be the only one with a list! Share in the comments.

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