In the interest of checking out new ways to network virtually, I signed up for LunchClub a couple of months ago.

This is a website that uses AI to match you one-on-one with someone based on your responses to a few open-ended questions.

That has led to a lot of “first date”-style networking chats, where we don’t yet know enough about each other to know what we want to talk about.

I feel out of practice.

I’ve met tons of people virtually over the last year by hosting my own #NoMoreBadZoom Virtual Happy Hours and attending other virtual events that offer the chance to meet participants.

I have stayed active in several Facebook groups for years that attract the kind of people I enjoy getting to know.

Often, these group networking efforts lead to a one-on-one Zoom chat, but we already have a shared history to guide our conversation.

In contrast, at the start of these LunchClub conversations, I often hear:

“Tell me about yourself.” or “What do you do?”

I struggle to answer these seemingly simple prompts.

That’s because there is more than one way I’m having a positive impact on the world.

And no matter how I briefly answer, I’m leaving a lot of important information out.

Sure, I can say “I help national and statewide advocacy organizations strategically bring their events online with less stress and greater participant engagement.”

Do I also mention that I love emceeing employee and member engagement events?

Depending on the situation, I should probably also mention how “I train presenters and meeting professionals to become Certified Virtual Event Professionals #NoMoreBadZoom.

Do I then go into more detail around how my students have grown in their confidence and competence so they can now create more engaging online experiences?

And I often find myself offering business advice, which makes more sense if you know I’m a business growth strategy coach who offers private coaching and runs masterminds.

For instance, I hear someone is working on their first book or considering launching a podcast and I immediately offer to share my free Masterclasses on those topics.

The challenge is I’m a multi-hyphenate.

I’m a producer-emcee-speaker-author-podcaster-coach-strategist.

And even saying all of that leaves out that I’m a trans dad with a three and a five-year-old – and that I was their primary caregiver for 3.5 years while running my own business.

Your Challenge For This Week

It’s quite possible that you know lots of other multi-hyphenates, people with more than one set of skills and/or more than one passion.

If you limit your interactions and conversations only to the skills or passions you know they have you are missing out on a much richer and deeper connection.

Create space within your relationships to go beyond the obvious and learn about what else makes them tick and how else they are making an impact on the world.

When someone shares their “I help X do Y so they can Z” answer, remember there’s more to their story if you take time to ask.

What are your own hyphens? Get clear on that so you too can go beyond the surface as you’re getting to know colleagues.

Try this and let me know how it goes!

Business Growth Strategist & Business Coach

As a relationship-based business growth strategist, I work directly with a limited number of self-employed professionals, aka solopreneurs.


You want to have a greater impact and increased income. The problem is that there are so many options for how to build your business that you can feel stuck, overwhelmed, and like you’re running out of time.

The reason options are overwhelming is that you’re looking at them as a series of disconnected steps, when to make the most of your time, you need a strategy that connects only the most important and highest impact ones.

You know that if you try to do everything, you’ll accomplish nothing. This means, to achieve your goal, you have to invest in a strategy to put time on your side.

What’s Included:

As a relationship-based business growth strategist, I will work with you to design a year-long plan that consists of three 12-week sprints, each followed by 4 weeks of reflection/assessment, rejuvenation/vacation, and strategic planning. This will allow you to sequence your goals, create momentum, and leverage your limited time.

We can build your plan through a half-day strategy session, a coaching engagement, or a mastermind program.

These are not right for everyone; they’re personalized offerings and are priced accordingly.

What might you work on?

In my coaching work with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, we focus on the areas where you’d like to grow, which may include:

  • Creating a strong sales conversation framework
  • Building your referral network
  • Lead generation through a relationships
  • Growing your visibility in your industry
  • Increasing your ability to attract the right kind of clients
  • Identifying and launching a minimally viable offer
  • Breaking through whatever bottleneck is holding you back from getting the results you want and deserve
  • Becoming a published author and marketing your book successfully
  • Improving your virtual presentation skills

Learn more about the different ways we can work together – deep dive 3-hour session, private 1:1 coaching, and masterminds. I’m excited to support you in reaching or exceeding your goals.

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