Today’s the day! Launch Team members are receiving the advance copy of “Small List, Big Results: Launch a Successful Offer No Matter the Size of Your Email List” later today.

To encourage them to read the book this week, in preparation for writing an Amazon review, I’ve arranged for a librarian-led book club discussion to be hosted on Tuesday, October 12.

This is a private event for book launch team members.

Sign up for the book launch team and I’ll be sure you get an invite.

The book is a quick read and packed with actionable steps aka “Your Challenge” sections.

The question is whether or not you’ll take time to complete these challenges.

Meeting with a community of fellow entrepreneurs to discuss the book will help you dive more deeply into the content as you consider how these strategies apply to your own business.

Fortunately, my systems and processes business coach, Mary Williams, has a degree in library science and she’s agreed to facilitate our discussion.

Equally as beneficial, she’s been trained in the strategies described in the book and has experience coaching entrepreneurs through this process.

Together, we’ll be able to answer any questions that come up as you’re reading the book.

Early reviews make it clear this book is a valuable resource.

Here’s one from Bob Burg, co-author of “The Go-Giver”, “Great book! Lots of wisdom-filled gold nuggets for building a business that is both emotionally satisfying and financially profitable!”

Business Growth Strategist & Business Coach

As a relationship-based business growth strategist, I work directly with a limited number of self-employed professionals, aka solopreneurs.


You want to have a greater impact and increased income. The problem is that there are so many options for how to build your business that you can feel stuck, overwhelmed, and like you’re running out of time.

The reason options are overwhelming is that you’re looking at them as a series of disconnected steps, when to make the most of your time, you need a strategy that connects only the most important and highest impact ones.

You know that if you try to do everything, you’ll accomplish nothing. This means, to achieve your goal, you have to invest in a strategy to put time on your side.

What’s Included:

As a relationship-based business growth strategist, I will work with you to design a year-long plan that consists of three 12-week sprints, each followed by 4 weeks of reflection/assessment, rejuvenation/vacation, and strategic planning. This will allow you to sequence your goals, create momentum, and leverage your limited time.

We can build your plan through a half-day strategy session, a coaching engagement, or a mastermind program.

These are not right for everyone; they’re personalized offerings and are priced accordingly.

What might you work on?

In my coaching work with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, we focus on the areas where you’d like to grow, which may include:

  • Creating a strong sales conversation framework
  • Building your referral network
  • Lead generation through a relationships
  • Growing your visibility in your industry
  • Increasing your ability to attract the right kind of clients
  • Identifying and launching a minimally viable offer
  • Breaking through whatever bottleneck is holding you back from getting the results you want and deserve
  • Becoming a published author and marketing your book successfully
  • Improving your virtual presentation skills

Learn more about the different ways we can work together – deep dive 3-hour session, private 1:1 coaching, and masterminds. I’m excited to support you in reaching or exceeding your goals.

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